The Flight Level fire simulators

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If a fire should occur on board a commercial aircraft, it is of vital importance to extinguish it as quickly as possible. Fire simulators are the perfect tool to train cabin crew in these emergencies. The Spanish company Flight Level is a national and international benchmark in this type of devices.

The two distinctive features of the Flight Level fire simulators are their modularity and the use of real fire, in which they are pioneers in the Spanish market.

The modularity of the Flight Level fire simulators is a differentiating advantage for adapting to any space and room size, where different alternatives can be included: galley, bathroom and passenger module, according to the customer’s needs.

With its desire to improve and innovate, Flight Level has a real fire oven that is extinguished by compressed air extinguishers, thus complying with all the requirements of an initial and recurrent quality training required by AESA (Spanish Air Safety Agency). The oven has had a great impact among Spanish schools and airlines who have chosen it to include it in their existing simulators.

The toilet module is an replica of the Airbus 320 lavatory. In it, the cabin crew will be able to train the fire extinguishing procedure in a bin, starting by touching the door (hot or cold), accompanied by all the visual and acoustic signals, recreating the real situations that can be found throughout their aviation career.

Other fire drills using smoke and led lights are found in the upper luggage compartments, wastebasket, coffee maker and even in a simulated battery inside a suitcase. All these “simulated fires” as well as the real oven fire are controlled from a very visual and intuitive instructor station, equipped with touch screens for easy handling.

Puesto de Instructor Simulador de Fuego

As an added value, the simulators are equipped with cameras in order to visualize the development of the procedures as well as to use them for a subsequent debriefing.

The Flight Level fire simulators offer can concentrate, in the same space, a complete and affordable training for all types of customer, with the highest quality and safety.


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