Fire simulator

Our fire simulators can be adapted to the space that the customer needs.

Simulators with real fire

Flight Level produces fire simulators of the highest quality. We can offer them as an integrated element in a cabin simulator or make them modular. Likewise, we can present them with a smoke system and real fire adapted to a classroom. We develop steel training booths to create real fires anywhere.

Emergency situations

The modules are equipped with a galley with trolleys, ovens, coffee maker and refrigerator. In the different locations we produce fire and electric smoke so that the crew extinguishes them using compressed air extinguishers (BCFs).

  • The fire in the oven is real fire that is activated and deactivated from the instructor station without posing any risk to the students.
  • In the bathroom the procedure of fire in the wastebasket is practiced, also differentiating between cold door and hot door.
  • In both types of fire simulators we also include steel or fabric seats, where fires can be extinguished in the upper compartment equipped with a visual system of lights that simulate a real fire, as well as smoke that propagates from the affected compartment.
  • We have developed a system that allows the simulated extinction of fires caused by devices with lithium batteries (mobile, tablet or laptop). The crew member must locate, remove and turn off the suitcase where the device is located.

The fire simulator is equipped with a smoke extraction system capable of removing smoke from the cabin in less than thirty seconds. This system is activated and deactivated from the instructor station.

Camera system

All the activities carried out in the fire simulator are visualized and recorded through different cameras placed in strategic locations. In this way, the instructor and students can follow the development of the procedure at all times. Likewise, the mistakes that may have been made are commented in class to extract the lessons learned.

The repetition of the practice of the procedures prepares the cabin crew for the future. Above all, for a better performance in the eventual emergency that can develop throughout their aeronautical life. This system also allows the file in each student’s record.

Instructor station

The instructor position is equipped with three tactile and intuitive screens that facilitate its use. Advanced software allows periodic updating to include new trends. Likewise, the innovative tablets allow the instructor station to be controlled via Wi-Fi from any point, introducing the surprise factor in firefighting procedures.

Video | Fire Simulator

Customized cabins.

We adapt to different spaces by manufacturing cabin simulators with partial or modular sections. According to the needs of the client, they are able to recreate the different classes of the plane (First, Business and Tourist). Its main objective is to carry out all onboard or emergency service training. Each class can be customized in terms of upholstery, lighting and ambient music to increase its realism. They can also be adapted to the specifications of the aircraft that are necessary.

Comprehensive simulation solutions for cabin crew

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