Door & Window simulator

Our door&window simulators allow all kinds of training.

Doors and windows for realistic training

First of all we manufacture emergency doors and windows including those of last generation airplanes. They are simulators that will facilitate all types of cutting-edge training. The Door Trainers of Flight Level can be operated in normal situation or in emergency situation thanks to a hydraulic assistance system.

In the window you can recreate all kinds of emergencies or situations to train the crew’s expertise. Our door simulators are controlled from an advanced instructor station that is easy and intuitive to use. The instructor can decide the exterior conditions at any time after an emergency landing or ditching.

Video | Overwing A321 NEO

Customized cabins.

We adapt to different spaces manufacturing cabin simulators with partial or modular sections. According to the needs of the client, they are able to recreate the different classes of the plane (First, Business and Tourist). Its main objective is to carry out all onboard or emergency service training. Each class can be customized in terms of upholstery, lighting and ambient music to increase its realism. They can also be adapted to the specifications of the aircraft that are necessary.

Comprehensive simulation solutions for cabin crew

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