Cabin simulator

Flight Level manufactures cabin simulators (Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer-CEET) at 1: 1 scale with a section of the real aircraft.

Easy to use technology

Flight Level offers airplane cabin simulators (CEET) at 1: 1 scale with a section of the real aircraft. We create a realistic space where the cabin crew is able to train emergency situations. Such situations may be fires, depressurization or evacuation.


The cabin simulators are equipped with:

  • Emergency ramp that crews use for the practice of an emergency evacuation.
  • The smoke in the cabin together with a realistic visual and sound system enables depressurization and fire training.
  • Windows on the wings (Overwings) are coupled to the fuselage so that they can be removed and opened.
  • In addition, the simulators are equipped with a communications system that facilitates the performance of the procedures by the crew.

Cabin Integration

In the structure of our CEET the cabin is integrated with the seats of the technical crew to perform the procedures of disabled pilot. With the inclusion in the manuals of the new procedure for the absence of a cabin technician, we have also included the cockpit door opening or blocking switch. We also reproduce the communication system between cockpit and cabin including visual and sound signals.

Instructor station

Our simulators are equipped with an instructor station that is mainly composed of the following elements:

  • Touch screens that allow the instructor to have absolute control over all simulator elements in a simple and intuitive way.
  • A screen in the cabin to display multimedia content.
  • A screen with real-time video cameras, which allows the instructor to control in detail all areas of the simulator in addition to expanding it or simply recording it for debriefing.
  • The use of tablets makes it possible to move around the cabin, being able to control the session at any time from any point.
  • Racks / modules of video, audio, electrical and electronic for the operation of the simulator. – Emergency stop.

The instructor can perform the following functions:

  • Activate / deactivate the different lighting circuits.
  • Check the operation of the simulator elements.
  • Fire simulator in toilet.
  • Fire simulator in galley.
  • Fire simulator in trash. 
  • General Controls
  • Feed the main smoke machine.
  • Main machine smoke shot.
  • Activate / deactivate smoke extraction.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Activate / deactivate programmed sequences.
  • Control / record the activities through the video system.
  • Play multimedia elements (audio / video).

Customized cabins.

We adapt to different spaces by manufacturing cabin simulators with partial or modular sections. According to the needs of the client, they are able to recreate the different classes of the plane (First, Business and Tourist). Its main objective is to carry out all onboard or emergency service training. Each class can be customized in terms of upholstery, lighting and ambient music to increase its realism. They can also be adapted to the specifications of the aircraft that are necessary.

Comprehensive simulation solutions for cabin crew

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