Juan Velarde tests the Simloc and Flight Level simulators

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The Iberia captain and aerobatic pilot, Juan Velarde, Simloc ambassador, visited Aerodynamics Academy to learn about and test in situ the range of Simloc and Flight Level pilot and cabin crew simulators deployed there.


Visita de Velarde

In its brand new facilities, next to the Vélez-Málaga Aerodrome, Aerodynamics Academy has an impressive battery of simulators. Accompanied by Juan Manuel Martín, CEO of the school, Velarde had the opportunity to visit the campus, getting in touch with all the training devices of both brands.

The Airbus and Boeing type emergency doors and windows and the A320 simulator are located on the ground floor of the facility. In the upper part, the structure of a new double-aisle cabin trainer (CEET – Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer) stands out, which, like the entire complex, will be a national and international benchmark for the training of pilots and cabin crew.

Visita Velarde

Continuing with Flight Level, under the CEET are located the training room with emergency equipment and another with fire simulators, the only one of its kind, where emergencies are practiced with real fire in the oven and seats, using compressed air extinguishers, and simulated fire in galley, toilet and luggage compartment.

As A330 captain in Iberia, Velarde did not miss the opportunity to test the spectacular Simloc FTD 1 + MCC A320 simulator that Aerodynamics Academy has in the certification phase. After the “flight” Velarde declared:

“This simulator is a very useful tool for taking an A320 qualification course. It is practically the same as a full flight simulator, with the only difference that it has no movement. I am very impressed, because I have never seen a training center like this one”.

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