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We dedicate all our research and development for training with the highest market standards. Therefore, we offer the most realistic training and education possible with our flight simulators.

A story of success, innovation and passion for flying

We are an innovative company that has a highly qualified team dedicated to the design, development and sale of simulators. We produce passenger cabins, fire, emergency doors and windows simulators. Likewise, we offer material for the training of airline crews.The professionalism of our team, the use of the latest technology and original components guarantee maximum fidelity and the quality of our products, with an extraordinary value for money. 

In our facilities at the Vélez Málaga Aerodrome, we manufacture different simulators, both cabin and training devices for emergency doors and windows of Airbus A320 / A330 Boeing 737NG, etc

Our simulators train and prepare thousands of airline cabin crew, such as Norwegian. This company uses Flight Level simulators at Aerodynamics centers in Malaga, and Aviation Group, in Madrid, for all types of training.

All our products strictly meet the requirements of current legislation. With this, they provide initial and recurring cabin training.


FlightLevel is born

Flight Level was born in Malaga due to the passion for flying and the need to provide maximum realism to the training of cabin crews in emergency situations.

Since then we design, manufacture and sell simulators and emergency equipment. Our goal is to train cabin crews in the performance of duties and responsibilities. We encompass normal operations, abnormal and emergency situations. In addition to training in health and first aid, aviation safety, etc.

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Supply increases

We have expanded the training offer for cabin crew by introducing the manufacture of emergency equipment. We offer products such as PBE’s or respiratory protection masks. With this, we provide simulators with everything necessary for quality training.


Alliance with Simloc

Following an observation of market trends and the need to expand horizons towards new international markets, Flight Level has established a strategic alliance with Simloc. Synergies with Simloc project us to the international market and allow continuous improvement in the quality of our simulators and emergency equipment. This will help us achieve excellence in the manufacture of simulators and equipment for the training of cabin crews.

One of the strengths derived from that alliance, which sets Flight level apart from its competition, is a unique acquisition program. This program is based on a joint operation, sharing the risks and successes of the business with the client, without the need for a large initial investment.

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Why Flight Level?

Avión FlightLevel

Our products are tailored to customer needs

Endorsed products

All our products comply with the AESA / EASA regulations.


We manufacture and distribute from Malaga, which reduces transportation costs for Spain and the rest of Europe.

Unbeatable quality / price ratio

Thanks to the use of the latest technology and original components.

Acquisition system

In addition to conventional selling, we offer various financing proposals or a unique joint operating method.

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